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Here, you'll discover not only our final Strategic Plan for 2019—2024 but also an exclusive peek into what lies ahead for 2025—2030. From groundbreaking initiatives to the brilliant minds driving them, we've got it all covered - timelines, accomplishments, and beyond. Together, we're set to embark on a journey to reshape the future of our University, and we can't wait to have you on board! Get ready to reimagine, reinvent, and transform with us.

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Strategic Planning Committee

Final Strategic Plan 2019—2024

From 2019 to 2024, the Strategic Planning Committee, with the help of a consultant, collaborated with the campus community to develop a strategic plan for Westfield State University. They engaged in inclusive activities like surveys and focus groups, analyzed higher education trends, and proposed strategic priorities in line with the university's mission.

View the final Strategic Plan 2019—2024

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State of the University Address

Dr. Linda Thompson, President of Westfield State University, shared insights into our strategic plan during her State of the University Address. Learn about future academic goals, enrollment enhancements, campus beautification, and more. Join us as we celebrate our 185th Anniversary!

President Linda Thompson

Four Strategic Proposals for 2025—2030

The president has presented four strategic proposals for Westfield State's future to inspire your reflection and steer our shared vision:

  1. A distinguished hub for high achievers.
  2. A community committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  3. A globally-minded institution with local impact.
  4. A financially robust organization for lasting sustainability.
Strategic Planning Visioning Session with board full of post-it note ideas in various colors.

Strategic Plan 2025—2030 Timeline

August 2023 Board of Trustees Visioning Session
Fall 2023 – January 2024 Stakeholder interviews, visioning sessions, campus survey

February 5-7

Strategic Planning Committee retreat with SME Consultants


Weekly strategic planning meetings

Tentative May

Strategic plan draft release

Tentative June

Strategic plan draft submitted to Board of Trustees

Summer to early fall

Finalization of plan and presentation to Massachusetts Department of Higher Education

Four Phases of Activities Completed from August 2023 until Present

Phase 1

In Phase 1, SME Strategy Management conducted 12 stakeholder visioning sessions and nine stakeholder surveys between August and December 2023. SME Strategy Management and Dr. Freeman compiled and analyzed the data collected and presented findings to inform the next phase: Forming the Strategic Plan Committee.

Phase 2

Phase 2 of the process, from February to May 2024, involved the naming of the Committee. To ensure the widest inclusion, faculty, staff, and students from all levels of the University were invited to participate. Attention was paid to include representation from all unions and all academic schools. The Committee, chaired by Drs. Klein and Hearn conducted a three-day strategy session facilitated by SME to identify priorities, risks, opportunities, and challenges. Their effort produced three priority areas and potential goals and actions. 

The Committee met weekly and developed feedback sessions (caffeinated conversations and two town hall meetings) and produced a document which was presented to my office and the Cabinet for the next phase: Creation of strategic plan goals, objectives, actions, and responsibilities.

Phase 3

In Phase 3, the Cabinet met on June 25 using the information from SME and the Strategic Plan Committee to agree upon and advance a set of institutional goals for the next five years. The Cabinet has additional meetings set for July 11 and July 30 to discuss and finalize goals. We are also fortunate to have the guidance and counsel of former Massachusetts Commissioner of Education and President of Northeastern University, Dr. Richard Freeland. His insights and perspective from DHE and NECHE accreditation has been invaluable in keeping a realistic focus on critical institutional requirements. The Cabinet and I will present the final proposed Strategic Plan to the Board of Trustees at their retreat on August 9.

Phase 4

By fall 2024 we will enter Phase 4 which will celebrate the engagement and accomplishments of the community and acknowledge the level the participation by presenting the strategic goals to the campus for reflection and feedback.

Strategic Planning Committee

Explore the roles of our Strategic Planning Committee members, including the Executive Committee. Led by Dr. Kevin Hearn, Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, and Dr. Sabine Klein, Associate Dean in Academic Affairs, this committee is complemented by Maria Feuerstein, Associate Vice President of Strategic Finance and Institutional Planning; Dr. Leslie Rice, Executive Director of Communication, Marketing, and Branding; Daniel Currier, serving as Student Trustee; and Alexis Pratt, representing the student body. Together, they embody a cohesive leadership dedicated to transparency and inclusive decision-making, guiding us forward.

Strategic Planning Visioning Session with members sitting around a large table viewing presentation screen.

Strategic Planning Events and Communication

Join us in shaping the future of our institution! Gain insight, contribute perspectives, and stay updated on upcoming events and strategic plan communication.

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SME Strategy Management Consulting

Westfield State proudly announces its strategic partnership with SME Consulting, aimed at empowering organizations and individuals to excel in crafting and executing strategic plans.

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